The GEM Dandy Product Line

 Hydraulic LP Cleaning Apparatus supplyed with Super Solution and GroOove Lube  $149.00

Super Solution $19.95

GroOove Lube $29.95

RCC Mat $59.95

AR Upgrade Replacement Motor  $235.00

AR Upgrade Subchassis $195.00   

The Merrill ES-1R Replica Turntable with Jelco SS-250 Tonearm $1495

The Merrill ES-1R Replica Turntable Without Toneaem $995.00 

The Hydraulic Cleaning Apparatus was reviewed by:
Michael Fremer Stereophile September 2008.
The cleaner is used by the Library of Congress.

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The Merrill ES-1R Replica Turntable.
So your turntable budget dictates you will have to compromise on sound quality.
The Merrill Replica ES-1R turntable is based on the Merrill AR modifications with
attributes from the
 Merrill Heirloom added.
The Merrill ES-1R is a true suspended design as in the Merrill Herloom.
Preformance is superior to turntables costing many many thousands more.